Making the Move to Needs-Based Scholarships

It’s December! Not only does that mean we’re starting Advent and getting closer to Christmas, but it also means we’re only six months away from camp! We couldn’t be more excited!

With camp getting closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about paying for camp next summer. We’ve written a blog with some helpful hints, but for this week’s blog, we’d like to talk about another part of paying for camp – scholarships.

Camp Weed and the Diocese have worked together for many years toward our goal of getting as many kids as possible to camp. Scholarships have been one way we’ve done this, and they’ve helped many, many campers come to camp. We’re grateful and excited that we’ve been able to do this.

For the last few years, our scholarship program has been very open. Anyone in the Diocese could simply fill out a form, get a priest’s signature, send the form in, and receive a scholarship until we ran out. Because of growth in both camp and our scholarship program, we ran out about a month before the deadline in 2017. By accepting applications on a rolling basis and not assessing need, we had many families who really needed scholarships left with no help.

As our program grows (something we really appreciate your help with!), certain changes become necessary to accommodate new issues that pop up. In response to our large number of scholarship applications last year and in keeping with our goal of getting as many kids to camp as possible, we’ve decided to switch to needs-based scholarships. This change will help ensure that campers who really wouldn’t be able to come to camp without a scholarship are the most likely to receive assistance.

With the new needs-based system comes a new form and a new procedure. You can find the form below. The deadline for scholarship applications is April 1. Decisions will be made by a new scholarship committee only AFTER the April 1 deadline. Applications will no longer be accepted on a rolling basis.

If you have any questions about our new program, please reach out to our camp director Allison Vining at or (386) 364-5250.

Needs-Based Scholarship Application


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